G. G. W a s s e r m a n
   Media: bronze, ceramic, cast stone, soapstone, alabaster, marble
   I am a California sculptor; I was born in Newark, New Jersey and grew up in New York City. I lived in California for many years where I studied art. I have been a sculptor since 1980. As a ceramic sculptor I am, basically, self-taught; other mediums required training. My background lies with ceramics and my greatest love, expression and freedom have always derived from clay sculpture. However, over the years my creative exploration has led to the use of many materials and mediums. I continue to work with clay but my work as an artist embodies explorations which extend my vision into many mediums i.e. alabaster, marble and bronze, and my vision is not confined by the medium. "Constructive Interlude," recently on exhibit at the Visions in Clay show in Stockton, is a carved, modeled and assembled work which commemorates those lost to the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989 in the SF Bay area. "Sublime Figure," a Vermont marble sculpture, recently on exhibit at a Marin Artists show, was produced with the technique known as 'direct carving'. It is a stylized figure which is meant to evoke and communicate a meditative, sublime state of consciousness. Stone represents a refreshing and needed change at times from clay; it provides a different physical and technical challenge. The major impulse of both pieces as in all my work is the process of execution; a sculptural concept is liberated by the form and the process. The finished product is an eternal record of the experience, and hopefully will enlighten and inspire. The medium of sculpture has been a journey within the realm of emotional transcendence and feelings of unity with all life processes. I find healing and a sense of hope as important elements in the creative process; my art involves profound struggle, triumph and regeneration.
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