Ishmael Rodriguez, Sculptor
----New York City Public School 4, Brooklyn, New York 1994
               Art Consultant, funded by Fleet Bank. Provided staff
                training and art classes for retarded and emotionally
                disturbed 5 -- 11 year olds.

----New York City Public School 72, Brooklyn, New York 1994
                 Guest speaker on Puerto Rican Role Model Day.

----Empire State College, New Paltz, New York 1993
                  Sculpture Instructor for college level independent
                  study coursework.

----Art classes taught to all ages at own studio in Woodstock, NY '91-'95

----International Sculpture Conference, Laney College, Oakland,Ca. 1981
                   Provided 4 day sculpture workshop. A first for the Inter-
                   national Sculpture Conference addressing itself to the
                   disabled. Solo exhibit at Scott Gallery in conjunction with
                   International Conference.

----Junior Center for Art and Science, Oakland, California '78 -- '81
                    Designed the 1st sculpture program in which the blind
                    teach the sighted.
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