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dedicated to the memory of Ishmael Rodriguez
"A Great Inspiration"
A conscious life with inspiration
strikes a massive flame of love.
Your wisdom fed off obstacles,
digesting decades of roaming the hinterlands
for cherried berries of survival
Your consummated destiny defied impatience
and reverberating doubt
though shocked with dramas and traumas
into cyclones of perfection.
Subtle cultivations we shared,
sensitive aging,
momentous battles for progress.
We ate from the fruit of miracles,
ripe with the nutrients of love.
You brightened the already luminous day,
taking the wind out of catastrophe
A succulent passion comforted the tall hickories
of standing loneliness
in the pit of night,
in the illusionary resonance of darkness.
A non-fiction of integrity
made real the fiction of our imaginations;
Dream and actuality clamored
for a stratum of integration,
a luxury of beauty,
of hopeful elegance.
Love dissolved into new Universes on Earth;
In the friendly netherworlds beyond Time.
    written by G.G. Wasserman 2018