G. G. Wasserman
          Professional Sculptor Since 1980
"To be an Artist is to have a Path of Self-Discovery into the Realm of
                                          Mega-Faceted Truths. GGW
                       Bronze, Ceramic, Soapstone, Cast Stone, Alabaster, Marble
                       California College of Arts and Crafts ---- Oakland, CA 1979
                       Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from the University of CA --- Berkeley, CA 1984
                       College of Marin ---- Kentfield, CA (Bronze Casting) 1986 - 1987
                       Vista College ---- Berkeley, CA (Computer Graphics) 1996
           Studio-workshop assistant to Ishmael Rodriguez, Sculptor--- Berkeley, CA '81-'82
           Teaching Assistant to Rodriguez at International Sculpture Conference -- Oakland, CA '82
           Assistant Finisher of polyester resin bases for art objects by the artist, Erte--
                            (Zephyr) --- Richmond, CA 1987 -- 1988
           Instructor of basic stone carving --- private workshops 1987 - 1988
           Gallery Management ---Vital Visions Art Gallery--- Oakland, CA 1988 - 1989
           Video Producer for Public Access TV -- Woodstock, NY 1991 --1995
                             Programs include: Giorgi Gallery, Artworks Foundry, Eugene Nelson -- Writer
                             and Social Activist, Oakland Outdoor Public Sculpture, Berkeley Outdoor
                             Public Sculpture, Santa Barbara Historical Landmarks, San Francisco Public
                             Sculpture, Natasha Heifetz - Traeger Facilitator, Interviews with Ishmael
                             Rodriguez, Sculptor (2004), Documentaries: Post 9/11 anti-war demonstra-
                             tions (early 2000s).
            Art Promoter for Clinton E. Stewart, artist 1995 - 1996, and currently:
                             Facilitator of Clinton E. Stewart Retrospective Exhibit of Paintings
                             (newspaper coverage) Corner Gallery Ukiah, CA 2018
            Art Dealer for-- G.G. Wasserman, Fine Art Productions-- with a goal to promote and
                             market the work of three modern artists.
            Writer and Publisher of many books of poetry (with graphics), includes: Gypsy Trail
                             Press -- A Vision Reclaimed, Alleyways of Time (1995 & 1996 respectively),
                             Magenta Strength, 1997. Monograph: Ishmael Rodriguez, Sculptor, 1997.
                             Publisher of G.G. Wasserman, Sculptor (Selected Sculptures and Digital
                             Artscapes) 1998. Clinton E. Stewart, Airbrush Artist, 2018.
     Newark, NJ; raised in New York City