I realize my path; I walk in the light of the truth of my higher self. Greater is the truth which is in me than the truth or illusion which is in the world. I have danced with my shadow. I have the eye of the crow, which has seen heaven and hell on the path of my awakening.
I have seen the unseen. I have heard the voices in the wind.
I have flown with the wings of the mystic crow.
I am not there- do not weep for me at my grave, I am not there. I am the glitter of snow, the silent whispers in the wind, the sound of leaves falling from the trees, the sound of a thousand crows circling in the sky, the rumbling of the earth, the thunder scattering messages from the gods. Remember? Do not weep for me at my grave. I am not there. I am everywhere.
                                         Ishmael Rodriguez
                                             Jan. 18, 1999
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The words of Ishmael Rodriguez, spontaneously recited (which G.G. immediately jotted down)**:
Ishmael Rodriguez A Tribute to the Sculptor
Published in 2019 by G.G. Wasserman Fine Art Productions