Clinton E. Stewart home page
                                (Fantastic, Surrealistic Imagery)
Mediums: airbrushed painting, ceramic and cement sculpture, computer animation, computer photography, illustration, sandblasted glass
       Clinton Stewart studied art at the Fort Wayne Art Institute, graduating with a BFA (1960s). He studied animation at the Computer Art Institute of San Francisco (1995).
       Clinton Stewart was a self-employed illustrator, an instructor of ceramic art objects, and designed and painted large murals. He was a creator of acrylic and oil painting, and sculpture. He worked for EMS Entertainment in San Francisco where he created animation for a TV series which broadcast throughout the country. He created animation for Visionary Media in Corte Madera, CA.
        Clinton Stewart was in a Group Exhibit at Indiana University (1967). He had many exhibits of his paintings in Northern California (multiple exhibits at Vorpal Gallery in San Francisco, San Jose art exhibits, Will Stone Gallery in San Francisco, etc.). His work gained positive mention in the San Francisco Chronicle, 1970s. He exhibited his paintings in New York-- Hanson Gallery in NYC, Blue Stone Patio Gallery in Woodstock, NY. He received a number of awards for his sculptures (Indiana and CA). He had his first Retrospective Show of paintings, a Solo Exhibit, at the Corner Gallery in Ukiah, CA in 2018 (newspaper coverage).
        The work of Clinton E. Stewart can be found in the permanent collection of the Delancey Foundation of San Francisco; the private collections of: The Dr. Wendell Lipscomb estate, Richard Stewart (brother), Dr. Hamburger of San Francisco, Maija William's artist estate, G.G. Wasserman (artist), Dr. Sandhu of Berkeley, as well as others.